Improving SERP Rankings For An Escort Website.

A top London escort agency needed to achieve top Google results for their keywords, but were struggling to do so. As a result, website traffic was much lower than required to generate sufficient customer enquiries to drive escort bookings.  I started working The agency started working with the website in March 2015, with an initial target to make Page 1 in at least one of their priority keywords  – “Asian Escorts”, “Asian Escorts in London”, “Korean Escorts” and “Korean Escorts in London – within 6 months.  It was huge challenge because of the highly competitive nature of the keywords Sexy Asian Girls needed to rank highly for, and also because the agency had a very limited budget.

I got to work in pinpointing where the website was underperforming. Simple errors such as missing Meta and broken links, which can lead to major issues, were soon identified and fixed. The strength of the site was also a major priority, with a significant link building campaign launched to ensure that the site would gain authority within the search engines.

Keywords were also revised to ensure that the agency website was gaining rankings for only the most relevant traffic. This helped ensure a better flow of targeted traffic and a more diverse range of rankings with the SERPs.  Pages were re-written to display substantial quality content, and to make sure they used words and phrases the escort agecny hoped they’d be found for. A new news section was added to provide fresh, “hot” topics, which could be turned into direct answers within search results. Social engagement was also improved so that those respected on escort social networks shared the content, while other digital marketing campaigns, including paid for advertising on porn sites via Traffic Junky and a unique Backpage ad-rotation campaign, ensured web traffic increased.

Within 5 months (March-August) the site was ranking on PAGE 1 of Google for THREE of the four keywords. SERP position for the keyword “Asian Escorts” improved from 26 to 6. SERP position for the keyword “Korean Escorts” improved from 32 to 7. SERP position for the keyword “Korean Escorts in London” improved from 27 to 10. There was also substantial improvement for other keywords: “Oriental Escorts London moved from 57 to 15, and “Oriental Escorts in London” from 63 to 14. After five months organic traffic was up 200%. Bounce rate for the site had improved, reducing from 69% to 24%. The number of weekly bookings doubled


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