Pushing A Damaging News Story Off The First Pages Of The Search Engines..

An individual was named as a person involved in a criminal investigation in the UK. The story made the national and local news and was also listed on various global news websites. Another suspect was ultimately arrested for the crime, but unfortunately for the client, the closing of the case never mentioned him by name so there was no story to be found which exonerated him.

The story remained in the top spot and ultimately became a topic of conversation when potential clients would search for information on him. Realising that the story would follow him around indefinitely unless he took action, the client hired me to push the story off of the first pages of the search engines.

My strategy was to create hundreds of articles, press releases, and white papers to both displace the damaging news item and to raise the profile of the client’s business. The strategy began paying dividends shortly after its initiation due to SEO techniques employed by myself.

As the new content began making its way up the search engine results pages the client’s website, which had not been optimised previously, began to get increased visits and he began to get calls for his views and opinions on topics which he had covered in his white papers and articles. The news story was moved off of the front pages of the search engines within a few months.


  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Confidential
  • 2015

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