Fine Tuning Pay Per Click To Improve ROI For Restaurant Chain.

A well-known UK restaurant brand was running multiple Google AdWords campaigns targeting different geographic locations. Each of those campaigns was targeting all the restaurants in that area, which were owned by the brand. PPC ads were then directing people to the group website, which is a “catch-all” site that shows the brand’s ownership of each individual restaurant.

Visitors were given a list of restaurants to choose from. To check availability, they would then have to click through to the specific restaurant they wanted to stay at then click “book now” before getting sent to the booking engine. Because visitors had to make so many clicks to book online, PPC conversions were very low and the campaign was not generating the kind of results the company needed.  A restructured PPC campaign with appropriate landing pages containing the direct booking links the visitor was expecting to see was required.

I reorganised the AdWords campaign so that each restaurant could run its own Search Network campaign with its own budget. This allowed for more accurate keyword targeting, bid control and conversion tracking. What’s more is that the overall user experience was greatly improved now that a visitor could click an ad for a specific restaurant and then get taken to the corresponding restaurant website instead of being surprised by landing on another website which seemed unrelated to the PPC ad. All in all, this eliminated a lot of confusion and boosted the conversion rate significantly.


  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Confidential
  • 2016