Using PR To Get Media Coverage For A Famous Old Brand.

After years and years of being “a best kept secret”, James Cropper, one of the oldest and most respected paper manufacturers in the world, decided to come out and share its remarkable story with the world, via the media. I created a campaign to reach customers and future customers with stories about James Cropper products, people and capability and created a global media list of preferred newspapers and magazines that we could work with to share the James Cropper story. First on the media list was the Financial Times. The client had already been warned that their chances of landing a big story in the FT were slim if not impossible. I began to cultivate relationships on the famous pink broadsheet, pitching ideas and scoping out possible angles and opportunities. Eventually the FT decided to run a James Cropper story and sent an editor and film crew to the James Cropper paper mill – the result was a news feature in the newspaper and a short news documentary in the FT’s digital section…one of many examples of great media exposure created for James Cropper.



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