Helping An Outdoor Clothing Brand Achieve A Higher CTR For Its Online Ads..

The client, a well known outdoor clothing brand, asked me to create more compelling, emotional ad copy for a series of online ads appearing on various lifestyle websites in the UK with the objective of achieving higher click through rates (CTRs).

At the time their ads were underperforming with CTRs of 1 or 2%. I was running a number of AdWords campaigns at that time, with many CTRs in and around the 8-10% mark. The client wanted to achieve at least that, if not more.

My own view was that the current ad copy was not resonating on an emotional level and it was not so different to competitors ads to really stand out.

In order to help the client sell their brand quickly and efficiently in the ads themselves to achiever click through rates higher than 8%, I set about brainstorming persuasive ad copy, taking different entities such as their customer, something that their customer loved, something they hated, their peers, their aspirations, hopes, fears, etc. I then determined how the brand was connected or related to each entity and built out from there.

For testing, we mixed and matched those concepts until we found the optimum formula, which achieved CTRs in and around the 12-14% mark.


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  • Confidential
  • March 2018

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