Repairing Search Visibility Using Authority Links For A Global Car Brand.

A dealer with 10 UK wide locations for a well-known car brand came to me with the goal of repairing their search visibility. The business had got into trouble using black hat SEO tactics. Some of their most important keywords had dropped off the map, ranking in the low 100’s when they really belonged on page one. Website traffic had also plummeted and sales were down as a result.

My solution was to create a large number of editorial search optimised articles linking back to the clients site. I algorithmically reviewed 30,000 sites and manually reviewed around 2,000. I narrowed these down to most relevant and influential sites and reached out; strategically placing more than 50 articles linking organically back to my client’s site. Within four months, the site was back on page one for the two most valuable keyword phrases and ranking on pages two and three respectively for the other keyword phrases.


  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Research
  • Public Relations
  • Well-known Car Brand