Creating A New Modern Voice For An Old Industry.

The Salt Association had a challenge on its hands when it came to communications. For years salt had received a largely negative press in the UK and the Salt Association felt compelled to try and balance the debate by engaging with stakeholder groups, ranging from chefs and scientists to politicians and NGO’s, and create a new generation of pro-salt advocates. The challenge was to find the right platform and the right tone of voice i.e. achieving a balance between enthusiastically promoting salt while not portraying The Salt Association as extremists. My solution was Salt Sense; a blog updated with articles covering a wide range of issues all relating to salt. It was an opportunity to talk about salt in a balanced, measured and credible way, share the content and get engagement. Salt Sense has helped The Salt Association make the first steps to achieve their goal of balancing the debate, winning friends and influencing people. I also created a new website and fresh content for The Salt Association, to support the fresh approach.



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