Using Media Coverage To Win Support For A New Product.

After years of testing and millions of dollars in investment, energy giant BP and marine engineering company Kittiwake were ready to launch new environmental technology design to help ships reduce harmful emissions. The new product and company were called Krystallon, and I was hired to help BP to position Krystallon as a solution to tightening emissions legislation and a thought leader for sustainable shipping. 

Several other companies were due to launch competing technology, so I had to be very quick to build the Krystallon brand to gain early market advantage and be at the heart of the ship emission discussions.

I conducted an aggressive media relations campaign to encourage coverage by regional media, trade and mainstream print and broadcast media around the world. 

I developed a website and an educational video to illustrate what the technology can do. I made sure the marine industry was up to date on the developments of the technology and engaged with all stakeholder groups. I initiated and launched the Ship Emissions Round Table Action Group (SERTAG), winning support from the then UK Shipping Minister Stephen Ladyman MP. BBC Television produced and broadcast a TV news segment featuring Mr Ladyman and Krystallon, which raised awareness of the emissions agenda and promoted the technology.

Over a period of two years, I secured over 70 worldwide media placements and 10 media briefings for Krystallon. Over 50% of its coverage was balanced in tone, while almost 40% was positive. In the UK, The Guardian newspaper ran a Krystallon-led ship emissions story on its front page, triggering pressure from NGO’s, which led to a review of emissions policy by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Krystallon became widely known among the international press and regarded as the market leader of scrubber manufacturers. This was reinforced by the win of the prestigious Sea Trade Award for the Protection of the Marine and Atmospheric Environment.

In 2009 Hamworthy acquired Krystallon, before being acquired by Wärtsilä in 2012.




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